In order to circulate the outcome of our study, we will work alongside municipalities. We will make suggestion on which projects they could implement, depending on their wishes and objectives. We will do presentations in these towns with the screening of the video documentary as well as exchanges and workshop on Low-Techs and grassroots initiatives.


Logo Metz


The city Metz supports Le Tour des Possibles ! The Projets Jeunes plan, which rewards projects carried by youth from Moselle, liked the potential of our project. We won a subvention, and in exchange, we will spread our feedback in Metz’s population.


Saint Maur des Fossés


Saint-Maur-des-Fossés, city near Paris, decided to support Le Tour des Possibles. They will enjoy a feedback day after the Tour. A good opportunity for the citizens to discover the studied projects !



Mulhouse, who is interested in energetic issues, enjoys the citizen participation principle. The city makes some events  in which people take part actively : we will present Le Tour des Possibles at one of them !


Grand est

The Grand-Est region  supports Le Tour des Possibles, this project made by two persons from Metz and Mulhouse, two cities in Grand-Est.