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Le Tour des Possibles in details

Encourage and facilitate citizen involvement in the energy transition.

projetBy a behavioural and technical study of alternative ways to produce and consume energy locally.

During the trip, we will go to meet citizens who have developed innovative ideas regarding energy production and consumption at the very local scale.

We have brought three main study fields out:

  • energy efficiency: optimizing an equipment to minimize its energy consumption.
  • production and use of renewable energies, in particular thanks to Low-Tech objects.
  • energy sobriety: adopting a responsible behaviour to reduce one’s energy consumption.

We focus on initiatives :

  • with a positive environmental impact
  • implemented locally by the citizens
  • with low cost

Two main types of projects are:

  • collaborative projets with an important social impact and requiring the involvment of several people.
  • Low-Tech projets caracterised by their low cost, low environmental impact and by the fact that they can be built locally by everyone.

For each project, an analysis grid will be prepared to highlight several aspects of the initiative such as the key factors depending on the context, the maturity of the project, the people involved… This will enable us to study its reproducibility in another environment.

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paul & thibaut

Paul and Thibaut, 2 engineering students, fond of adventure and positive engineering.
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We will create tutorials and technical sheets on the encountered projects to explain how to reproduce them.

We will also produce a video documentary which will give an overview of the research and which will stimulate grass-roots initiatives. It will be made of projects presentations, interviews and images of the initiatives’ environments.

In 9 countries around the world in order to get a large sample of our planet.
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During 6 months from August 2017, during our gap year.

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